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200 people affected by war applied to the People for People Jobs

Last week we announced People for People Jobs — a platform for people affected by the Ukrainian war looking for a job. And last week, we received 200 more applications!  

Our goal is to make meaningful introductions throughout our community of organizations seeking to support people in need and during their job search. We periodically send open vacancies and information about offline events that we plan with our trusted partners around employment (matchmaking events & others). Check it out here.

Our first matchmaking event is coming! 

In collaboration with bunq & VENU lifestyle workspace, People for People Foundation is organizing a matchmaking event for people affected by war who are looking for a job.

When: June 2 at 16:00-18:00

Where: Venu, Haarlemmerdijk 138, 1013 JJ Amsterdam

The selected applicants will get to know firsthand more about bunq, its culture and understand if it can be a place for a successful career. After the information bunq shares, there will be speed-dating meetings between bunq’s HRs and the selected candidates. 

Why apply? If the meetings with bunq go well and there is a match, you will not need to do the interview with them anymore, just their other 2 steps of the application process. 

Are you interested in finding out more? Do you live in The Netherlands, speak fluent English, and have a high professional education? We are closing applications on Monday, 30/05. Sign up here. We will then invite the selected candidates on Tuesday!

More events are coming; stay tuned!

More than 15 projects are open and running at the moment

The impact People for People is making is tangible and grows daily, with more and more projects coming in. At the moment, we have more than 15 projects active, covering various topics and needs, from finding foods and goods for our partners to media coverage, including multiple activities on the employment side and more in the making. We are happy that more and more companies are joining us and supporting us in different ways, so the impact we can make is enormous. 

Ukrainian school in Eindhoven 

The Ukraine School Eindhoven was opened on April 4, 2022

This is an initiative of the municipality of Eindhoven, SILFO, and SKPO, on behalf of all schools for primary and secondary education in Eindhoven. A school where students from Ukraine are taught in their language💛💙. People for People Foundation helps the school by providing a teacher in Mathematics and recruiting additional teachers (paid full-time & volunteers). We also try to bring games, tools, and treats to lighten the children’s day.

More info here:

P.S. Empty classrooms in the pictures due to privacy considerations.

Сo-founder of People for People Robert Vis was selected as Global Innovator by World Economic Forum in Davos!

We are proud of Robert and great that in collaboration with Ali Niknam, Joris Bekers, Pieter Jan van Krevel, and Jesse van der Meulen, they are shaping the future and leading People for People. 

In its 50-year history, the WEF has never been confronted with such unprecedented global issues as it now faces in 2022, as the world recovers from a global pandemic, grapples to contain the devastating impact of the climate crisis, and navigates a geopolitical storm following the invasion of Ukraine.

Tony’s Chocolonely’s sweets were delivered to one of the biggest refugee reception centers in Zaporizhzhya. 

The largest sweets manufacturer in the Netherlands, Tony’s Chocolonely donated Easter Chocolates to bring joy to kids during hard times. People for people, in collaboration with LifeLine Ukraine, delivered choco this week to one of the biggest refugee centers in Zaporizhzhya, right near Mariupol. It was such a pleasure to receive the pictures of smiling kids.

Thanks again to our partners LifeLine Ukraine and Tony’s Chocolonely for the fruitful cooperation!🙏🏻

bunq opens 696 more bank accounts for people affected by war this week

Partner bunq helped open 6500 more bank accounts (during the last two months) after collaborating with several Dutch municipalities.

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