About us

We are a collective of entrepreneurs who strive to support people of all nationalities in a crisis or conflict by taking action to meet essential needs and build humane and dignified living conditions.

We are committed to supporting those seeking safety and peace in any way we can, regardless of their background.

We vow to focus on what unites us, and not on what divides us.

We’ll abstain from passing judgment on anyone or anything.

The people

It all starts with finding the right people. We worked with many volunteers over the past few months. In total 110+ are involved in our community and on average 10-15 people are actively involved on a weekly basis.


  • Marcella Simons – foundation director
  • Jesse van der Meulen – advisory board
  • Ali Niknam – co-founder
  • Joris Beckers – co-founder
  • Robert Vis – co-founder

Core Team

Marcella Simons
Foundation Director
Martijn Beenen
Partnership Manager
Pauline van der Werff
Pauline van der Werff
Program Manager
Roderick Vernooy
Event Coordinator
Eluna Verink
Inventory Manager

Core Team Volunteers

Jorieke de Jong
Project Manager
Translator | Photographer
Translator | Photographer

What we do

1. We help people directly on the ground (local support) and through our network of partner foundations
2. We enable foundations to grow their impact and reach more people by matching our network’s assets with their needs
3. We coordinate initiatives around basic human needs: local support, clothing, food, housing, logistics & transport, integration, information, etc.

People for People Foundation: a six-month reflection

What happens when you build an aid organization like a startup?

Join the movement

We match people and foundations in need with companies that can fulfill these needs. Are you interested in exploring how you can use your talent and resources to make an impact?

Join forces with like minded organizations including bunq, Picnic, Bird, and others. Examples of activities we could explore together:

  • Donate your assets (money, goods or services)
  • Involve your customers
  • Engage your employees
  • Take a stand and engage your network

Founding story

The start of the Russian-Ukrainian war in February 2022 shocked the world, affecting everyone across generations and nationalities. While governments and global agencies grappled with the international implications of this tragic situation, a collective of entrepreneurs joined forces to get as many people affected by the war to safety as possible, marking the beginning of the journey of the People for People Foundation. What started as a message on LinkedIn by Ali Niknam, CEO of bunq, has grown faster and wider than expected.

At People for People we vow to focus on what unites us, regardless of people’s background. We believe that we, as entrepreneurs, can adapt quickly to changing circumstances, take action on behalf of those escaping conflict and use our resources where, when and as long as they are needed.

As wars continue to evolve, so do the needs of their victims. As an organization, People for People was created in the entrepreneurial spirit. Rather than staying fixed, we aim to change and adapt along with those needs.

Annual Accounts 2023

We are pleased to present our 2023 Annual Financial Report, providing a detailed overview of our financial performance and highlights from our second year as a foundation. This report focuses on the key financial aspects, offering transparency into our revenue, expenditures, and fiscal responsibility.