About us

People for People Foundation is a collective of entrepreneurs joining forces to get as many people affected by the Ukrainian war to safety as possible.

– We are committed to supporting those impacted by the Russian-Ukrainian war in any way we reasonably can, regardless of their background.
– We vow to focus on what unites us, and not on what divides us.
– We’ll abstain from passing judgment to anyone or anything.

Join the movement

We match people and foundations in need with companies that can fulfill these needs. We enable organizations such as Movement On The Ground, Takecarebnb, OpenEmbassy, FastLaneUkraine, On My Way UA, Netherlands for Ukraine and Lifeline Ukraine to increase their impact.

Are you interested in exploring how you can join and share your assets like bunq/Picnic/Messagebird/Booking.com? Examples of activities we could explore together:

  • Donate your assets (money, goods or services)
  • Offer work and attract new talent
  • Involve your customers
  • Engage your employees
  • Take a stand and engage your network

What we do

1. We help people directly on the ground (local support) and through our network of partner foundations (online & in NL)
2. We enable foundations to grow their impact by matching our network’s assets with their needs to help more people
3. We coordinate initiatives around basic human needs: local support, employment & visas, housing, food, medicines, logistics & transport, finances, integration, information, etc.

Founding story

With the war in Ukraine ongoing, a team of Dutch entrepreneurs took initiative to connect people who can provide help to those who need it – Ukrainians and Russians alike. What started as a message on LinkedIn by one of our founders, has quickly grown far bigger than we expected.

To maximize the positive impact of our initiative, foundation ‘Stichting People for People’ was founded by Joris Beckers (Picnic), Robert Vis (Messagebird) and Ali Niknam (bunq). Pieter Jan Krevel and Jesse van der Meulen (Aimforthemoon) have been appointed as co-directors of the foundation. A team of 50+ volunteers have joined the organization so far to support our mission.

After already receiving thousands of requests for help, we continuously identify the most urgent issues to help people and foundations in Ukraine, neighboring countries and those who arrive in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile the EU announced that all Ukrainians will get a 3 year visa that will allow them to reside and work in the EU. We welcome this fantastic news and hope that in the near future this important change will also be applicable to others victims of this war, regardless of their nationality.

General information

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