Collective action.

We are a collective of entrepreneurs who strive to support people of all nationalities in a crisis or conflict by taking action to meet essential needs and build humane and dignified living conditions.

We are committed to supporting those seeking safety and peace in any way we can, regardless of their background.

We vow to focus on what unites us, and not on what divides us.

We’ll abstain from passing judgment on anyone or anything.

Not just by talking, but also by doing.
Concrete actions that provide immediate help.

Need support?

If you or a loved one is affected by a conflict and just want to live in peace and harmony, please click here and we will do our best to help.

Offer support?

If you want to volunteer or discuss a partnership with your business, please click here to let us know how you can join our collective.

United impact.

We are a collective of entrepreneurs who strive to support people of all nationalities who seek safety and asylum in the Netherlands by taking action to meet essential needs and build humane and dignified living conditions.

With our combined efforts and assets, we support people currently not being supported by major organizations. Thanks to all our partners and the countless other people supporting people:

🙏 ❤️ Special thanks to the countless other people supporting people:

Adriaan Mol, Alasdair MacLean, Ali Niknam, Alina Andresiuk, Allard Luchsinger, Amber LouLou, Anatoliy Babic, Andrea Hak, Anna Tian, Annelies Putman Cramer, Arjen Michiels, Bianca Zwart, Boudewijn Wijnands, Camille Joyandet, Charlot Ellis, Daniël Eisinger, Daria Toth, Diederick Schiermeier, Dieuwer Deenik, Elise Hofman, Eva Bandelj, Flávio Fonseca, Frans Somers, Guido Braam, Hassina Bahar, Henk Jan Beltman, Hidde Stokvis, Holly Whittaker, Humphrey Valenbreder, Idzard Van Eeghen, Ilse Kamps, Irene de Bot, Jago Verzuu, Jenna van Aswegen, Jeroen Ketting, Jesse Johnson, Jesse van der Meulen, Joe Wilson, Joris Beckers, Julia de Fuentes Hergueta, Leander Potze, Leonard Breitkopf, Lonneke Noteboom, Lucien Burm, Luciën Groenewegen, Maciej Turek, Mahsa Sajedi, Marcella Simons, Marine Liesenhoff, Marjolein van den Blink, Mark Borst, Martijn Beenen, Martijn Pannevis, Martine Vissers, Mayke Nagtegaal, Michelle Loh, Mirthe Dankelman, Naomi Koster, Nikita Andriyanov, Olga Golubova, Paris Bowling, Pelle Keulen, Perry Oostdam, Pieter Slöetjes, Pieter Jan van Krevel, Quentin Hausser, Remy Jansse, Renée Frissen, Richard Norbruis, Robert Vis, Robert-Jan Mahieu, Ruben Hijl, Sondra Jorgensen, Sergey Erlikh, Siemon van den Berg, Silke Arets, Slava Todavchich, Sofiia Bezuhla, Sophie Dopheide, Stephanie Rios, Toni Rose Padua, Viktor Lesyk, Wouter Schoonhoven, Yulia Nikitina, Yoeki de Bree, Yvo van Rijen, Zach Butler.

Thanks to our business partners and donators:

bunq, Picnic Technologies, MessageBird, Aimforthemoon, Action, Crisp, Lidl, Otrium, Team Lewis, Bever, Young Colfield, Babe food, Snuffelmug, Sintvoorieder1, Vodafone, T Mobile, TNW, Van Doorne, Kennis Transport & Logistics BV,, Tony’s Chocolonely, Pastaficio, Bertolli, Vodafone Foundation, Ron Gastrobars, wagamama benelux, Mooie Boules, de Kop van Oost, Tempo-Team, Enrico | Roots in Good Food, Helloprint, Mollie,, Yacht,, NewBees NL, BridgeFund, GoDataDriven | Part of Xebia, Salesforce, Recruitee, Norbruis Clement Advocaten, Dutch Startup Association, Venu, U adviseurs, InnovationQuarter, and many more.

Thanks to our foundation partners so far:

Red Cross, COA,Vluchtelingenwerk, Artsen zonder Grenzen, Asieladvocaten & Juristen NL, Movement on the Ground, Open Embassy, MiGreat, Takecarebnb, Fastlane Ukraine, On My Way UA, Lifeline Ukraine, U Aid Foundation, Netherlands for Ukraine, SG Helps Ukraine.

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