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The Picnic school for Ukrainian children is featured in the Telegraaf

This is one of the entrepreneurial initiatives we are so proud of. Our co-founder, Picnic, transformed part of their office into a school for 50 Ukrainian children. The children get education from volunteers from Ukraine until they can participate in regular education, and there is a psychologist to support them.  

Link to the article:

People for People Foundation is helping LifeLine to fill trucks with goods for Ukrainians in the warzone. 

With the People for People strategic partnership, we aim to help LifeLine fill its weekly trucks with demand-driven, relevant humanitarian aid goods. For example, we are shipping 78.000 meals of pasta (10 pallets) in collaboration with Pastaficio and 12 pallets of chocolate thanks to Tony’s Chocolonely. However, we still have another 29 trucks to fill. 

LifeLine Ukraine has delivered 1.7 mln € in goods. Since they started 9 weeks ago, Lifeline’s team has ensured 1,500 babies get the care they need every week (e.g., 82.000 portions of baby food, 36.000 diapers, and 54.000 baby wipes). In addition, they enabled 2,300 people to get the food they needed every week (e.g.flour for 56,000 loaves of bread, powder to make 28,000 liters of milk, 4,500 portions of canned vegetables), and 200.000 people were supported in their basic medical needs for 3 months by providing Interagency Emergency Health Kits (IEHK’s).

The story about how Lifeline Ukraine has created a logistics network to send humanitarian aid directly to those in need in Ukraine can be found here:

People for People Foundation donated some Tony’s Chocolonely chocolates to different initiatives 

  • 3 pallets of choco are delivered to Zaporizhzhya, right near Mariupol by LifeLine Ukraine.
  • 8 boxes of chocolate have been given to Movement on The Ground – our partners who are taking care of Ukrainian orphans in Poland
  • 6 boxes were delivered to a school in Eindhoven for the children affected by war.
  • 13 boxes of choco were donated to “Flee Market.” There were more than 300 Ukrainians who could “shop around” to get anything they wanted for free. A few bicycles, lots of durable/fresh food, hygienic supplies, clothes, and many more. At the exit, every person would receive a packet of Tony’s + Ukrainian flag💛💙

bunq opens 565 more bank accounts for people affected by war this week

Partner bunq helped open 5800 more bank accounts (during the last two months) after collaborating with several Dutch municipalities.

Hiring events

On talent matching, apart from our online matching between candidates and companies, we are planning some events to accelerate the process and help more people get employed; more information will follow; stay with us!

If you are/know someone affected by the war looking for a job in The Netherlands, fill in our form here, we are already matching people looking for employment with job openings. 

2 new volunteers joined the People for People movement

Alina Andresiuk – Ukrainian herself, working for 3 years at Mollie joined People for People as a volunteer. She will be responsible for the crowdfunding project. 

Sophie joins the talent matching team. The rest of the week, she is working as a freelancer in the field of People & Culture with my business, The Culture School.

We need more companies and people to join our mission to support as many people affected by the Ukrainian war to increase our impact. If you or someone you know is willing to help donate to the foundation (in goods, money donations, or any other way), don’t hesitate to contact them directly at

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