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⛑ Relief efforts continue for earthquake victims from Turkey. Yesterday, we loaded the 2nd and 3rd trucks with emergency supplies 🆘 that are now bound for Ankara! Last week, Action quickly responded to the ‘needs’ list that we shared and Sheltersuit Foundation reached out for assistance in delivering sheltersuits. We were thrilled 🙌 when Action told us they wanted to donate 40,000 items such as flashlights, power banks, blankets, and hygiene products. This donation is on top of Action’s previous donation of blankets that was already sent! With this supply we could take steps almost immediately. We were also ready to help Sheltersuits with their delivery of 1,000 sheltersuits, a wind and waterproof jacket with an optional sleeping bag attachment to provide immediate shelter from the cold. What an amazing product to provide during the cold winter months. ❄

Monday morning, 72 pallets of relief aid from People for People arrived at the Megafloor office and warehouse in Ijsselstein. Mega Floor has become a collection and shipping point for donations to Turkey and they have also provided the finances to send the trucks filled with aid.

With the support of these organizations we were able to send help quickly! Again we saw first hand the amount of physical labor, logistical knowledge, and above all, heart, that is needed to provide aid in the midst of a crisis. During these moments, we are reminded and filled with sorrow for the victims in Syria that we as People for People have not yet reached. We want to share that we are currently working on a plan to see if and how we can best help. 🇸🇾 ❤️

If you are looking for ways to help during this current crisis please consider a financial donation Click Here or check the updated list for donation needs.

List of essential items for earthquake relief!

  • Tent
  • Container
  • Portable Toilet/shower
  • Portable Kitchen
  • Heater electric/wood/coal/gas❗
  • Pocket heater
  • Powerbank – generator
  • Child/adult coat
  • Female/male underwear and socks
  • Female/male fleece
  • Female/male thermal trousers
  • Raincoat
  • Sleeping bag/pillow
  • Bed and linens set
  • Nursing bottle/pacifier
  • Baby formula (jarred baby food)
  • Single use glass/fork/spoon
  • Pan/kettle
  • Canned food
  • Water/tea/coffee
  • Canned meat/beans/cheese
Sheltersuits product ready to load on the truck

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