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March has been an exciting month for People for People, as we continue to work hard to support vulnerable communities worldwide. From aid distribution in Turkey and Syria to welcoming new team members and volunteers, the organization has made significant progress towards its mission of empowering communities and supporting those in need.

Here’s a summary of our initiatives:

  • Distribution of our 4th truck in Turkey
  • Dispatch of our truck to Syria 
  • The upcoming rolling aid event on April 22nd
  • Donation of school bags
  • New team members and volunteers
  • Looking ahead 

1. Aid Distribution of the 4th truck in Turkey

On March 15th, People for People successfully distributed essential supplies to families affected by the recent earthquake in the city of Nizip and two villages, Öksüzlü Köyü and Sivricehüyük Köyü in Turkey. The distribution was made possible by the dedication and hard work of our team member, Leander Potze and Paul Zurink from Sheltersuit Foundation. They worked tirelessly to ensure that essential supplies such as sleeping bags, heaters, hiking shoes, diapers, shelterbags and sheltersuits were distributed to those who needed them most.

We are incredibly grateful to our partners Action, Bever, DNG retail, and Crisp, whose generous contributions made this initiative possible. We couldn’t have done it without their support. Witnessing the gratitude of the families we helped was an incredibly humbling experience, and we truly believe that collective action is key to making positive change and bringing hope to those in need.

Leander is in Turkey distributing supplies to those affected by the earthquake
© Arie Kievit
The current situation in the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey
© Arie Kievit
The current situation in the earthquake-affected areas of Turkey
© Arie Kievit

During the mission, Leander and Paul were deeply inspired by the story of Dilvin Sirvan Toprak, a 50-year-old woman who took care of children who had lost their parents during the disaster. Together with the Sheltersuit Foundation, we provided essential supplies, cooked delicious meals with the children, and shared warm embraces and laughter. The day’s highlight was the birthday celebration of a precious three-year-old boy, where we surprised him with a cake and watched as he blew out his candles with joy. It was a beautiful reminder of the power of small acts of kindness and the importance of spreading joy, especially during times of crisis.
We invite you to read the full article on to learn more about our work in the earthquake zone.

People for People and Sheltersuit Foundation hosted a birthday party for a three-year-old boy who lost his parents to the earthquake.
© Arie Kievit

2. Dispatch of our truck to Syria 

The ongoing crisis in Syria has left millions of people in need of urgent humanitarian assistance, and People for People is committed to doing its part in providing much-needed relief to those affected by the earthquake. In the first week of March, we announced the dispatch of our truck filled with essential aid and supplies to Syria.

Thanks to the support of our partners, including Action, Picnic Technologies, Sheltersuit Foundation and HRIF, we were able to respond promptly to the top three needs in the area and send a truck filled with critical supplies including hygiene products, diapers, canned food, sleeping bags, sheltersuits, and shelterbags. These items will help alleviate the suffering of families and individuals affected by the crisis, providing them with basic necessities for survival.

Packing needed relief supplies out of our warehouse with a group of volunteers

We want to thank everyone again for their contribution to this mission. Your support has made a real difference in the lives of people affected by the earthquake. We remain committed to our mission of empowering communities and supporting those in need, both locally and globally.

Relief supplies arriving in Erbil, Iraq and transferred to the Barzani Foundation in Syria

3. Next Rolling Aid Events

Our Rolling Aid Events are at the heart of what we do. These events bring together a team of volunteers to plan fun activities for unaccompanied minors in the Netherlands between 12-18 years old. We tailor the activities to meet the needs and wishes of the young people, ranging from sports, arts, cooking, bike repair, hair and make-up, talent workshops, and much more. Our goal is to create a day full of energy, joy, and connection. It’s an opportunity for everyone to share their cultures and have a fun day with the young people living in their city.

We are actively seeking collaborations with local communities, sports clubs, and companies in locations where unaccompanied minors are placed, particularly in Leusden, Hoofddorp, and Baarn (and many more to come). Your involvement can make a significant impact in the lives of asylum seekers and the community as a whole. If you are interested in joining in one of our Rolling Aid events, please contact us. 

In addition to collaborating with local communities, we are also reaching out to companies and asking for their people to volunteer their time at one of our upcoming events. This is an excellent opportunity for companies to connect with their community and make a positive impact.

On the road visiting locations across the country

During March, People for People also visited a number of asylum shelters across the Netherlands. Before we plan a Rolling Aid Event, we assess the living conditions of unaccompanied minors in a location and hold conversations with COA staff and residents. This helps us tailor our program to best meet the needs of the community. We prioritize locations that have the most need for a day full of fun and activities. For example, we may choose a location where few activities and local connections are available for residents, or where young people can’t go to school and don’t have activities to occupy their time. By linking local sports clubs, communities, and companies, we ensure that more connections and activities can be planned for these young people in the long term.

Our next Rolling Aid Event is scheduled for April 22nd in Leusden, and we’re looking for companies and local communities to join us and make this a day to remember. Your contribution can create a lasting impact on the lives of young asylum seekers and their community. If you’re interested in participating, please feel free to email us at .

People for People team at our previous Rolling Aid Event in Zelhem

4. Donation of school bags 

With the opening of a temporary school in Petten, People for People saw an opportunity to make a difference in the lives of children who were excited to finally go back to their studies. We provided them with school bags filled with supplies to give them an extra boost of motivation as they embark on their new journey. If you’re interested in learning more about this location and our initiative there, you can read more in Noord Hollands Dagblad.

Under the watchful eye of the mime artist, Marita Schreur of Surplus (red cap), mayor Marjan van Kampen and school director Mireille le Fèbre cut the ribbon.
© Photo Marc Moussault

5. New team members and volunteers

We are delighted to introduce our newest team members who joined us this March. They bring with them unique experiences and expertise that will further strengthen our mission of empowering communities worldwide. We welcome Martijn, Nazanin and Leander on our team.

The team came together for a fundraising dinner to support earthquake victims, strengthening bonds and creating unforgettable memories while taking a break from work.

Martijn, our new Partnership Manager, is primarily responsible for setting up long-term partnerships and building relationships. He has been an active volunteer with People for People since the foundation’s inception and played a significant role in establishing crucial partnerships during the Ukraine-Russia war. We are thrilled to welcome him back to our team this month. With his extensive experience in creating and managing partnerships, Martijn is an invaluable addition to our team. In addition to his role with People for People, Martijn is also involved with Free Your Mind, a festival that hosts various events. And has previously worked with Tony’s Chocolonely and Fabrique des Lumières. His passion for creating impactful partnerships and his experience in event management will be instrumental in achieving our goals.

Nazanin has also joined us as a Content Manager, bringing expertise in digital marketing and social media. Born and raised in Iran, Nazanin immigrated to Canada and recognized the need for a platform to assist other Iranians with immigration. She created a popular podcast and Instagram platform with over 100k followers to provide valuable information and guidance. After moving to Europe, Nazanin worked for a sustainable startup, helping them effectively communicate their messages and connect with their target audience. With her experience in creating engaging content and her passion for social impact, we are confident Nazanin will make a valuable contribution to our team.

Leander is our new project manager, and he holds degrees in psychology, change management, and human resource management. After completing a two-year management traineeship at Young Colfield, he worked as a project manager for various companies, municipalities, and government agencies. Leander found his true passion in connecting people, promoting their well-being, and encouraging them to stay active both physically and mentally. This passion was clearly visible and felt during our previous rolling aid events where he volunteered before joining us as a team member. In addition to his role at People for People, Leander is also a trainer and facilitator who works with companies and teams to provide workshops, team-building events, and energizers. With his dedication and expertise, we are thrilled to have Leander on board as our new project manager.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce the addition of new volunteers in our core team, including Roderick and Jorieke. With Roderick and Jorieke’s passion and commitment to making a positive impact, we are excited to have them on board and look forward to achieving great things together. We would also like to thank all the volunteers who helped us last month with, among other things, filling backpacks for school children and sorting and packing necessary items for various locations throughout the country.

At People for People, we recognize the important role that volunteers play in supporting people of all nationalities in a crisis or conflict by taking action to meet essential needs and build humane and dignified living conditions. That’s why we invite anyone who is interested in making a difference to join our volunteers’ group by filling out our volunteer form and joining our WhatsApp group. As a volunteer, you will have the opportunity to contribute your time and skills to various initiatives and events, both locally and globally. Your efforts can help make a meaningful impact in the lives of those in need. We believe that collective action is the key to positive change, and we welcome you to join us in this mission.

As the organization welcomed new members, we also had to say goodbye to Jenna, our former content manager, and Remy, our former location coordinator, as both of them returned to their main profession last month. Despite their short time with us, they made instrumental contributions towards furthering our mission of empowering communities worldwide. While it is always challenging to part ways with valued team members, we are grateful for their meaningful contributions and wish them all the best in their future endeavors.

5. Looking Ahead

At People for People, we firmly believe that collective action has the power to bring about positive change in the world. We are committed to making a difference by actively listening to the needs of communities and taking immediate action to support those who require it the most. Our foundation’s core remains centered on empowering people and supporting those in need, and we adapt our approach to where we can have the most impact in an entrepreneurial and people-focused manner.

In times of crisis, we act quickly and collaborate with like-minded companies that share our passion for creating a positive impact in people’s lives during times of crisis or conflict. We do this by providing basic needs and building humane and dignified living conditions. Our collective action value is crucial to achieving our mission, and we are thankful for the continued support of our partners and community members.

If you share our vision and want to contribute to our mission, there are several ways you can get involved. You can volunteer your time, make a donation, or partner with us as a company. We believe that every contribution counts, regardless of its size.

If your company is interested in joining our collective of entrepreneurs, we invite you to fill out our form or send us an email at Let’s collaborate to make a positive impact on the world around us.

People for People team and volunteers at our previous Rolling Aid Event in Zelhem