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As March comes to an end, we reflect on our activities over the past month.

Here’s a summary of our initiatives:

  • People for People turned 2!
  • We received nearly half a million euros in funding
  • Gaza projects: Distributed water, baby milk and food
  • Warehouse in action: Packing schoolbags for unaccompanied minors
  • Announcing our collaboration with Better Shelter
  • Welcoming our new content manager!


  • Heerhugowaard April 14th
  • Rekken and Haaksbergen April 30th 
  • People for People’s Director will be onstage at Purpose Day April 18th!

People for People turned 2!

This month, we celebrated our two-year anniversary as an organization! 

Thanks to our partners, volunteers and team, in 2023 People for People expanded its reach to reception centers across the Netherlands and beyond borders to Turkey, Syria and Morocco. From supporting unaccompanied minors in need of warmth and kindness to providing emergency relief to victims of natural disasters, we couldn’t be more proud of what we have achieved together as People for People. 

We look forward to reaching more lives and connecting with more people in 2024!

People for People 2 year anniversary cake

We received nearly half a million euros in funding

As we celebrate People for People’s two-year anniversary, our founders responded by providing nearly half a million euros in funding to continue our efforts in 2024! 💪🌈

When People for People was created, in the midst of the outbreak of the War in Ukraine, our founders had had enough. They couldn’t sit by and simply watch as people fled danger with nothing but the clothes on their backs. Instead, they wanted to use their entrepreneurial spirit to bring people together to create change.

“If anything, I hope that what People for People will do, beyond the immediate help, is to inspire people to do something. Even if you help just one person, that’s one less person who’s suffering,” Ali Niknam, founder and CEO of bunq, said at the time.

We are so proud to say that, two years down the road, this wish has become a reality.

Thank you to bunq, Bird and our other donors for continuing to believe in the strength of collective action. 🙌

Gaza projects: Distributed water, baby milk and food

Ramadan, the holy month, is normally a time that brings the warmth of brightly colored lanterns, hugs and smiles as families come together to break the fast after sunset. However, many had to rely on now-distant memories as displacement, water and food scarcity became priorities. 

Right now 95% of Gazans don’t have access to clean drinking water. The UN warned this could lead to severe health issues, particularly for children. As mothers in Gaza face food shortages, many are struggling to provide milk for their babies. Newborns in particular are facing malnutrition and starvation, which will have long-term impacts on their health as they grow.

In the north of Gaza, where humanitarian aid has been almost impossible, famine is already becoming widespread. In the south of Gaza, where thousands of Palestinians have fled to safe zones, the situation is now worsening with more and more people expected to move into an “emergency” food crisis situation.

Together with our local partners, this month we distributed:

  • 10 tanks carrying 50,000 liters of clean water in northern Gaza
  • Baby milk to 55 children in southern Gaza
  • Hot meals and fresh vegetables to 3,000 people across Gaza

See our water distribution efforts in action:

The impact of our food and vegetable distribution project in Gaza:

To our partners worldwide, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your unwavering commitment to humanitarian action. Your steadfast support ensures that families in Gaza receive the critical aid they urgently need during this challenging time.

As we stand in solidarity with those affected by conflict, our resolve to serve knows no bounds. Together, we will continue to extend a helping hand to those in need.

Warehouse in action: Packing school and sports bags for unaccompanied minors

Gastvrij Leusden reached out to us and shared that a group of unaccompanied minors would be arriving soon in Leusden. The great news is that the kids will get to go to school at the end of this month! But… they didn’t have any school supplies.

To get them ready for their classes, we provided 80 backpacks filled with notebooks, pens, pencils, coloring pencils, water bottles and some other essentials like a hygiene kit of toothbrushes, toothpaste and deodorant… plus a chocolate Tony’s surprise. 

No child should ever be prevented from the chance to learn and build the foundation they’ll need to develop a bright future. 🧠📚⚡

In Almere, we found out a group of unaccompanied minors would have to move out of the temporary hotel they were staying in. 

They didn’t have any belongings or basic essentials. Along with our amazing volunteers, we got to work in our warehouse organizing 80 sports bags with bidons, towels, boxer shorts and some Tony’s chocolate for a small surprise. ❤️🍫

Announcing our partnership with Better Shelter

🚨New delivery alert🚨In collaboration with Better Shelter we are preparing for the next crisis to meet the essential needs of people forced to flee their homes.

In our mission, we have joined forces to multiply shared impact powered by the incredible support of Amazon for the pick-up and delivery 🙌🏼 and Harm from Picnic Technologies for lending a hand with the pallet lift!

Thanks again for the support of our volunteers who helped out in the warehouse! Together, we’re making a difference 💪🏼

More info on this exciting project will follow soon…

Welcoming our new Marketing Manager!

We were so excited to have Zeynep Kizilirmak join our team this month as content manager. With a background in campaign management and content strategy, Zeynep is looking forward to helping us spread awareness, deepen our impact and communicate the work and vision of People for People across our channels. 

The People for People team celebrating the 2 year anniversary


Keep an eye out for two upcoming Rolling Aid Events in April:

  • Heerhugowaard April 14th
  • Rekken and Haaksbergen April 30th 
  • People for People’s Director will be onstage at Purpose Day April 18th!

Find out more about how you can volunteer or support these and future events by signing up via our volunteer form