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As part of our January 2024 focus on education, this week we’re sharing great, free Dutch language learning resources.

Some shelter locations have fantastic, dedicated Dutch language teachers who are ready to make you fall in love with the Dutch language. However, unfortunately, not all locations are equipped to give classes.

Not to worry! We’ve gathered a list of different free websites and resources to have you speaking Dutch in no time.

🌷NT2 TaalMenu: learn Dutch online for free
If you want to learn Dutch or practice for the civic integration exam, you can practice online for free on the NT2 TaalMenu site.

🌷A Practical Dutch Grammar (free ebook translated into Arabic, Farsi, Turkish and more)
You want to start learning Dutch and you just discovered there is a wide range of courses available … in English. But what if English isn’t your strong suit? What if you need to translate everything you read from English into your own language and vice versa in order to learn Dutch? For that reason, we offer an easily accessible Dutch grammar in a growing number of language editions, most of them as freely downloadable e-books in pdf-format.

🌷Speaking in Dutch with Italki
Italki’s online platform offers a gateway to acquiring proficiency in various languages, including Dutch. Accessible both on its website and as a mobile app, Italki facilitates direct connections with language instructors or native speakers. This avenue provides the opportunity for personalized one-on-one lessons.

🌷Discovering Dutch culture with podcasts
For those with a basic grasp of Dutch seeking insights into the country’s culture and history, the podcast ‘Een beetje Nederlands’ is a great option. Available on Spotify, this podcast delves into quintessentially Dutch topics such as ‘beschuit met muisjes’ and the ‘Elfstedentocht’.

🌷Learning Dutch with your favorite series or film
For people who love watching Netflix series, a helpful tool is the ‘Language Reactor’ extension, which allows you to watch your favorite Netflix series or film in two languages at the same time.

🌷Tigrinya translations
You can use these websites to translate words from Dutch to Tigrinya and vice versa.

If you have other recommendations or tips, please share them with so we can include them in the guide.