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April was a busy and productive month for People for People, with a focus on helping unaccompanied minors. We held two successful Rolling Aid events for unaccompanied minors in the Netherlands, providing them with essential care products, duffle bags, and art and sports items. The events aimed to foster community connections between them and locals, creating a sense of unity and connection. We also celebrated Volunteer Recognition Day to appreciate their time and effort to help us towards our mission. We deeply value the continued support of our supporters and encourage you to keep contributing towards our mission.

Here’s a summary of our initiatives:

  • Rolling Aid events in Hoofddorp and Leusden
  • Volunteer Recognition Day
  • Fundraising for Baarn Rolling Aid event
  • Introduction of new team member
  • Looking ahead

Rolling Aid events in Hoofddorp and Leusden

In early April, People for People organized a Rolling Aid event for 60 unaccompanied minors who had been relocated to a reception center in Hoofddorp, Netherlands. Despite fasting for Ramadan, the boys were active and engaged, with COA members mentioning that they had never seen the boys so excited before.

Corinne Vulink, a volunteer for People for People, playing with one of the boys during a Rolling Aid event in Hoofddorp.

On April 22nd, we hosted a full-day Rolling Aid event for 80 unaccompanied minors at the community house, de Bron in Leusden. The event aimed to build local connections and facilitate bonding between the residents and the team. The day began with team-building activities and a bonding session, followed by a delicious warm lunch from two caterers, and sports and art activities in the afternoon. Additionally, four local volunteers from Amersfoort Fietscafé ran a workshop on how to make simple bike repairs. The day ended with gifts and dancing, creating wonderful memories together. The event had 31 volunteers involved and was an incredibly valuable experience for both the residents and volunteers alike.

Dancing all together during the Leusden Rolling Aid event

Volunteer Recognition Day

This month on Volunteer Recognition Day, we took a moment to thank all of our volunteers. Without their dedication and support, we wouldn’t be able to accomplish our goals and make a positive impact on other people’s lives.

People for People sent a note and a bar of chocolate to volunteers to show appreciation for their help.

Fundraising for Baarn Rolling Aid event

Moreover, we are excited to announce that we are teaming up with Rotary Soestdijk to host a Rolling Aid event on May 13th to support 70 underage refugees who have fled from Syria, Eritrea, Afghanistan, and Sudan.

We have dedicated considerable time and effort in planning and organizing this event, and we are pleased to announce that the fundraising campaign from Rotary has been live since last week. This event is aimed at providing these boys with a sense of home through sports.

Our partner has made many connections with local sports clubs and businesses to ensure that we create a long-lasting impact for these boys who come from different backgrounds. We believe that connecting them through sports will be a great way to give them a sense of belonging and foster positive relationships with the local community.We encourage you to donate to our fundraising page (include BAARN in the description) and provide a lasting positive impact on these boys’ well-being. With just 60 euros, you can provide a boy with new sportswear and shoes. Let’s make a difference together and provide a lasting positive impact on the well-being of these boys.

The fundraising goal for our next Rolling Aid event at Baarn

Introduction of new team member

We’re thrilled to welcome Tom Tawfik as our new Program Manager at People for People. With an impressive background in project management and a big heart for social impact, Tom is the perfect fit for our organization. He founded his own company, HOPE Sports, and has always dreamed of becoming politically active during his professional career. As a people manager, he loves to inspire and build team spirit to achieve huge goals together. At People for People, Tom will use his project management expertise and passion for social impact to help us support people in crisis situations.

Looking ahead

Finally, we would like to remind our supporters that their contributions are critical to our ability to carry out our mission. If you are interested in supporting our work or getting involved as a volunteer, you can visit our website and learn more about how you can make a difference. We appreciate your ongoing support and look forward to sharing more updates with you in the coming months.

People for People team and volunteers at our previous Rolling Aid Event in Leusden