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People for People continues to receive various inbound requests offering and requesting help. Here’s what has happened last week to further support refugees leaving Russia and Ukraine:

bunq helps opens 645 more bank accounts for refugees

More than doubling the number of bank accounts opened for Ukrainians since last week, our partner bunq helped open 645 more bank accounts for those in need. Now almost 2.000 Ukrainians have been able to get access to free accounts to safely hold and spend euros.

Needed medical supplies delivered to hospital in Kiev

To help a local hospital in Kiev, People for People helped ship highly requested medical supplies to the National Military Medical Clinical Center. The arrival has been confirmed and the supplies can start being used to help those most in need.

To safely move to The Netherlands, 46 new applicants are being interviewed for jobs

After receiving 98 applicants for roles in The Netherlands last week, 48% of applicants are already being interviewed by People for People partner companies and other corporations. This way even more refugees can safely integrate to The Netherlands with their families.

6 Local Volunteers joined the team to help fleeing Ukraine

With help of partner Recruitee, 6 Local Volunteers were brought on to join People for People to help those in Ukraine and bordering countries. 3 of the 6 volunteers have a Ukrainian background and all volunteers are distributed across bordering cities of Ukraine. This way the volunteers can serve as the eyes and ears on the ground, helping the foundation distribute most needed goods.

People for People launched a new website to scale and support even more people in need

With the launch of their new website, People for People can now support additional requests and add even more volunteers to their movement. Built in partnership with MessageBird and Recruitee, the new website can help the foundation scale their impact even further and will be used as a way to connect with even more people, businesses and foundations.

Are you interested in further helping People For People in their mission to provide necessities to those affected by the Russia-Ukraine war? They are still looking for more volunteers to join their quickly growing team. They now have the following roles available on Recruitee to help make a difference:

  • Communications & Marketing Lead
  • Community Manager
  • Local Volunteers (Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia or Georgia)
  • Project Manager
  • Recruiter

You can find out more about the roles and apply directly here.